heat and the radius of my life today

Heat and MS aren’t very compatible.  So I need to stay in on hot days like this one.   Miles came and pressure washed the driveway, and this strong high school student accomplished a lot despite the heat.   I marvel that God has given him and others health and this kind of capacity physically.  It’s been a long time since I could accomplish much on a hot day.   Long ago, I felt restless at the necessity of staying inside in hot weather.  Instead, today I felt a sense of anticipation, hoping that this block of time might allow me to continue making some progress on some writing I have been doing.   A friend called and asked a question about grief, and what it meant when a woman prayed that they would ‘grieve fully.’   We had a good discussion about the nature of grief and things close to my friend’s heart today.  We prayed for one another and I felt very thankful that God has prepared me to be able to minister to women and others who are hurting, both through my education and experiences.  He is a Redeemer and loves each of us so tenderly.  Sometimes God uses a phone call to confirm some direction or a need which He might like to address partly through things I can write about.  I shared my recent intro with her about how Jesus ministers to us in those places of loss and grief, and what the Word says about grief.  I pray God will use my writing to encourage and comfort her.

Sometimes living with limitations can be frustrating, and I look to God to help me. Lately God has confirmed that I can persevere by His power and grace, and that He desires me to run this race with endurance.   How quickly I accomplish something isn’t the issue…only that I offer my efforts up as a sacrificial praise offering to Him.   You see, I can’t do this without Him.  I wouldn’t even try.  But I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and I believe He desires to redeem the things I’ve experienced for His glory.   So, I will press on and trust Him with the timing and outcome.

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