A Puppy to Love–Big Paws

This weekend my friend and I spent a morning having a retreat at my parent’s place in the country, enjoying the beautiful view and landscaping. Taking time away from normal life stressors to pray, read God’s Word and reflect renewed us both.  Afterwards, my friend drove us to her house so that I could meet her new puppy.  A Swiss Bernese Mountain Dog, Maisy is still young but has paws and a stature that reflect her future size.    This adorable puppy will become a beautiful big dog someday.

I have been working on writing again, and I hope that I will grow into my “big paws.” I want to encourage the hearts of others, and direct their eyes towards Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.  To write with the hope of publication involves a steep learning curve, and though I am very motivated, I feel a bit like this awkward puppy.

I have written professionally earlier in my life. I developed trainings for professionals in my field and wrote some educational materials.  I also wrote a workbook on grief related to health issues.  But, in resuming these efforts at writing things that I hope will be useful and enjoyed, I have felt a bit clumsy at times. Like this puppy, I feel “rough and tumble,” too.

Maisy captured my heart, though, and my friend wants me to spend time with her dog and help in the training process. You see, my friend is a physician and she knows I have more free time than she does during the day.  She also knows I have missed my service dog a lot since he died a few years ago.  I am looking forward to writing while hanging out with Maisy in the days to come.

Lord God, please help me grow into my potential, too, and carry with my writing some of the joy this puppy brought to my heart.




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