Peppermint Sunsets

This morning, when I went outside, the air smelled delicious. Nearby peppermint fields were being harvested this week, and I loved the minty fresh morning air. This evening, we saw the brilliant light in the sky and knew the sunset would be amazing. So, I grabbed my camera and my husband’s car keys, and went for a quick drive.

The bridge across the river silhouetted against the bright colors of sunset looked stunning, and as I crossed over the river the pinks and blues of the sky reflected on the surface of the river. I couldn’t stop safely at that point, so I went further.DSC02239DSC02291DSC02218DSC02213DSC02205 I stopped at the wide driveway to a quarry, and parked while I watched the sunset. Afterwards, I drove home past the peppermint fields, and the sky still glowed. The fresh minty scents with the warm remnants of the sunset were so inviting. I feel so blessed to live in the country where summer evenings sometimes dazzle the senses. The heavens declare Your glory, LORD.


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