the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, lives in me! and I am set free

Sometimes we get depleted and even though we know

the Truth, the Way and the Life, and who we are in Christ,

in this fallen world, we remain human and at times very vulnerable.

I used to fear allowing others to know my inner life,

nd pride kept me from opening up.

But now I have experienced anew the humbling reality that sometimes I need help, and being human, struggling and even hurting emotionally isn’t something to be ashamed of in any way. It’s okay to be completely real, and when God calls me to share my journey so that others might feel understood, seen, heard, validated and valued…I pray God will help me to obey willingly as a sacrificial offering to Him, for His glory, and for the healing of the nations and those struggling to make it through their days on earth.

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