my new coworker

Maybe, Jerry working from home is now my “coworker.” On breaks, I hear the happy sounds of him playing the ukulele. He just ordered another one which arrived today. I’m thankful he doesn’t have a more destructive or expensive addiction, though we have a lot of musical instruments and the number keeps growing. I console myself that many men want boats or motorhomes, or motorcycles. Jerry wants banjos and ukes, dulcimers and psaltries. And music adds a lot of joy to our days. Today was garbage day, and he took pictures of the big event in color and black and white. I went to the local lumber store to get some of the wood they have in the free scraps box. Got some nice wood to build some planter boxes. But really what I wanted was to get out of the house. And, I will get out the power tools and create some places to plant the myriad of plant starts that won’t fit in our existing raised beds. Quarantine gardening is picking up speed as the sunshine warms the soil beneath our toes.

There are some pros and cons to having Jerry working in our living room. He doesn’t like me to make noise much. I love it that he doesn’t need to commute. Jerry hogs all of the internet whenever he gets calls over VOIP, so we’re going to arrange a different provider so we can both function at once (hopefully!). I am afraid to breathe lest his work call get dropped. But he gets paid for working, I just fiddle around lately.

Jerry cooked a delicious lunch for us today, while suggesting I have lunch ready for him to save time in the future. He’s ordered breakfast, too, but so far this short order cook isn’t at the grill. It’s an adjustment having him around 24/7, maybe a bit like retirement might feel. Sometimes I call him “Sargent Sabin, Sir!” He really likes that and relives his army days as he tries to whip me into shape. I fetch him coffee or tea, and sometimes at the watercooler, our conversations become very deep. Today I told him I had a few bug bites (or just irritated skin) on my abdomen. He said that’s what happens to grouches. They are “Groucho Marks.” Well, I must admit, things are more interesting than when I was home by myself all day. We’ll probably write a song together soon called, “The Quarantine Blues.” Hope you and those you love are doing okay. Let us know how we can pray or help somehow.


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