self-effort vs total dependence on God

Self-effort leads to “Ishmael,” and conflicts that humans struggle with, which can be so hard to resolve. Total dependence on God by faith leads to Isaac, and even then God may ask us to lay the hoped for loved one on the altar and trust Him. Placing our cherished hopes and dreams on the altar can feel so risky. But God will provide the lamb! He has provided the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world. His promises are completely trustworthy. I don’t feel afraid of COVID. I don’t feel afraid of layoffs that could hit us too. The whole world is facing a threat physically & financially and no facet of life is untouched. Socialists are capitalizing on this opportunity. If you don’t agree, give back your stimulus checks. The economic impact and staggering debts already will take years to begin to recover from. So, my point is that we need to live with a radical dependence on God. Government will fail. Hope will drain from the hearts of people around the world as this fight continues, and death tolls mount. But this is not an infectious disease battle, it is a spiritual battle as one doctor said recently. And the battle belongs to the LORD, who was and is and is to come.

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