returning to my farm roots

we live one day at a time…and handle life as best as we can. yesterday I returned to my roots. i drove around our three family farms, saw the barns and grass seed cleaner of my childhood. i touched the rocks that i had picked up as a kid, in the fields with my dad and family, and brought some home. i remembered who i am and what matters most to me. i am so thankful for our farm heritage and that this beautiful land remains in the family. i visited with cousins and a bee keeper who was my classmate. i remembered my 4-H steers as i looked in the barn. i remembered running the grass seed cleaner into the night. memories came flooding back, many of them wonderful, joyful times of hard work and being together as a family. of hauling straw and delivering it to the fairgrounds for a dollar a bale. we would throw the straw into each stall over the top of the doors. we were industrious, working hard to make a living. catching crawdads in the stream on a sunny day. frogging in the neighbors pond. root beer floats with the montagues, or riding their sow or one of the cows. playing cowboys and indians and leaving a hostage tied up to a tree for awhile. sending food up into the big tree by rope. jumping from the haymow with grain bags for parachutes. grinding our own wheat and helping mom bake bread and churn butter. hard times, too. trusing God in deeper ways, learning about His grace and love, His power. Memories. Fields of vivid green–new life. Riding my horse with Katie through the fields down in the draw, going so fast our hair trailed behind us. Loving life and freedom.

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