a mobility dog? for me? I hope so!

A new FB friend I recently met raises Bernedoodle puppies. They will have a litter in August which would be ready in October. I am interested in a male puppy, and am thinking about doing a Go Fund Me or some other sort of fundraiser. I also can apply for a small grant from MS Society and MS Foundation. I can also make cards with my photography and use those for a fundraiser. My prayer is to have a dog by this winter when Jerry returns to the hospital instead of working from home. It would be safer and we could begin training a puppy for mobility help and assistance getting up when I fall. I’d probably have a trainer work with the dog for a few weeks and teach me how to continue training it. These amazing dogs are very smart and have great temperaments for this purpose. What do you think? Would you pray for God’s leading and provision with us about that? Thank you!!!

One Reply to “a mobility dog? for me? I hope so!”

  1. It seems like a good idea. A service dog would be a welcome addition to your household and support system. May the Lord continue guiding you on this journey.


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