This afternoon, the local police were sitting in their SUV on the culdesac, and the children were gathered around with big smiles on their faces, holding frisbees. What a wonderful gesture–they handed out frisbees and met families in our community and let us know how to reach them if we ever need something. Then our neighbor’s 4 grandkids arrived for a birthday celebration. The kindergarten age girl loves to visit with me and she knocked on my door. She rode her bike around, proudly telling me she wouldn’t hit our cars. I asked if she was tired, and she said, “yes we just got here.” I asked if she lives in ____________, and she said, “I don’t know. But I know we live SOMEWHERE.” I love kids.

I’m thankful to live Somewhere while on this earth.

Thankful for food and shelter, people to love and tend, and relative peace in perilous times. It’s easy to forget there’s a pandemic out there, causing challenges around the globe. Just as it is easy to forget for a little while that MS is impacting my life every day…at least for a moment as I enjoy the laughter or wisdom of a child. Natalie knocked on the door and asked if we had any dishes she could do. We built a stepstool last weekend so she and another young girl could help out any time they want to. Earlier Natalie knocked on the door asking for three sheets of art paper so she could show her friends how to paint a tree. Jerry and I don’t have children of our own, but we have an abundance of kids in our lives, and I prefer it that way. Thank You, Father, for this sunny day in Somewhere. Thank You for Your beautiful provision, moment by moment. Thank you for caring for our needs. We love and worship You, Abba Father. When You knock on our door, please help us to keep opening the door and embracing those you have given us to love and care for.

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  1. Heartwarming stories uplift my soul. I am encouraged. Keep sharing. Keep looking for God moments. He will be found when we seek Him.

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