Operation Mobility Dog – ways to help

Good Morning. Thanks to my friend and Pacific University roommate, Cathy A. Doyle, I now know how to accept payment via PayPal. You can instant message me for information if you’d like. Some friends asked how to donate towards the Operation Mobility Dog fund for my service dog that I am saving up for. I can send you a link if you’d like to donate in that way. I’d be very glad to send you some of my photography greeting cards if you live far away (and we can also try to mail succulents as requested, but I’m less experienced in that) to thank you for your donation. I also have a few really cute macrame hangers for succulents in small pots and know a woman who can make those for you if interested.

I am sorry that recent weeks have been really overwhelmingly full for me,  so I haven’t had much time.  Now I will be able to catch up on this sort of thing. I have a lot of great succulents potted and ready for those who live close enough to come and take a look. You can see updates on my @SusieSucculent FB page, too.

God is leading and guiding. We may go with a different breed of dog than I first researched. Depends on what very special dog God has in mind to share our lives. Thanks again for your support. We are gradually getting the house set up for my power chair. We need a safer ramp in the garage. I crashed on ours yesterday, and thankfully I wasn’t hurt, but Jerry did sustain an injury in all of that excitement. He wants me to get a safer ramp for the garage, and I agree. We are saving up for a wheelchair ramp van, too, and will sell our Mazda 6 before we buy that. Quite a process.

So thankful for a loving God who sees us, hears us and is always glad to be with us. He knows. He loves you more than you could even fathom and He delights in you. Zephaniah 3:17

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