a battle for our nation’s soul

Tonight I watched the sun set across the corn fields on a gorgeous farm near home. Driving home, the peppermint fields lay in win rows, and the minty smell permeated the night air, delighting my senses. I am so thankful for God’s grace and mercy, His steadfast covenant love for His children. We live in perilous times. Our nation is in a battle for the very soul of our land. Anarchists and some politicians would like things to descend into compete chaos and they’d love to see our nation gutted and destroyed. But the salt of the earth, the backbone of our nation remains. Farmers and blue collar workers who earn an honest living every day, who nurture the land and livestock and pray and worship the living God…well, we’re all still here. The city folks who think protesting by destroying property and selling our souls to the Marxists is the answer, well, they won’t endure. The Bible warns us about this time in history. Men will be lovers of self. Anxiety will wear people down. Lawlessness and evil will seem to triumph. But in the end, our Father in heaven will set all things right. 

He is the only righteous Judge. He will bring about His loving eternal purposes despite all who oppose Him. The lukewarm followers are distasteful to a Holy God. The wheat and the chaff will be separated. The goats and sheep, too…one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is LORD. Those who accepted the gift of His grace will spend eternity worshipping and enjoying the splendor He has in store. Those who reject His freely offered gift of love and grace will know suffering intensely. It’s okay if you don’t agree with this, and if you don’t like me mentioning it. My peace comes from the LORD. The joy of the LORD is my strength. He is my anchor, my refuge and my hope. The grass wilts, the flower fades, but the WORD of God endures forever.

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