a monster emerges

I noticed a monstrous veggie, emerging as a major surprise from the dark shade of the zucchini plant leaves, looking more like the loch ness monster than something for dinner. No wonder not many nice dinner-sized veggies have appeared on our plates lately from that plant. So much energy went into producing this HUGE zucchini that will likely need to be fed to my friend’s chickens. As a result, the plant didn’t have a lot left to pour into smaller veggies for my stir fry. Similarly, sometimes our energy gets consumed by the big stressors of life…a challenging relationship, or a major illness that results in months of rehab appointments to try to stay upright as we recover from a fall or other mishaps. Life is hard. But I love fresh zucchini. Tomorrow I will flex my biceps and lift that mammoth zucchini off of the plant. I’ll lighten her load so she can keep producing lots of good eating for our dinners this fall. God, please help me keep on top of the things that steal my energy, committing those unproductive things to your care. Worries, conflict, or anything that robs me of fruit or veggies that can be nourishing to mind, body and spirit…I commit all of this to You, Father. Thank you that from a few seeds, this veggie plant emerged, but not before the seed died as it germinated under the dark soil. Help me to die to myself and emerge transformed and made new in Your love.

One Reply to “a monster emerges”

  1. Great analogy! I too get sidetracked with things and fail to balance issues needing attention. Need to deal with the overwhelming thoughts, so I can have growth in other areas as well.

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