topsy turvy

We live in troubled times. From the pandemic to the recent murder of a man in Portland who simply wanted to pray, things have gone nuts. Even in our small town, people have done strange things that reflect stress and anger channeled in unhealthy ways. Dwelling on all of that makes us sad. Instead, I want to focus on some of the wonderful things I see, too. Succulents continue to grow and bloom. A friend helped me begin creating a website today. (Thank you, Fiona). When my wheelchair died today while out and about, my friend Laura helped me push it into their garage and her daughter gave me a ride home. A new baby arrived safely into this world to a loving family who delight in her already. The sun rose this morning. The sun set this evening again, too, just like clockwork. God sees you. He knows the world we live in is topsy turvy and He isn’t panicky or stressed. God is in control and ultimately He will set all things right. Rest in His love and sovereignty. Trust in Jesus. He will sustain you as you abide in Him. Go to sleep tonight safe and secure in His arms.

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