A Willing Heart in a Time of Profound Loss

Last evening, I saw an ad posted on-line for a local man building planter boxes. Since I have some bamboo I am going to plant soon, that caught my eye. I sent a virtual note asking for more info. This morning, I got a message back from him, and we chatted a bit. He knew how to create boxes for bamboo, and offered to come help. I soon learned he lost his home and almost everything he owned in the recent fires up by Lyons. We will have him over to help out, and in turn be able to help him in some practical ways. I thought about how God uses small things to connect us with others who need some care, help and encouragement. In this case, he was offering me some help I needed for a very reasonable rate. I know that God will allow my husband and me to bless him during this very tough time in his life. When I asked if had lost his home, he responded simply, “I am safe.” I invited him to come over this evening and give me a hand with some things outside as we recover from the recent windstorms and to clean up some ashes with me. Compared to what he just lost, our needs seem very small. However, our needs led me to reach out and ask about his planter boxes, allowing us to make a connection.

Our needs bring us together. I trust that Jay will become our friend, and that we can provide a little income for him even as he helps us out with his skills and willing heart. We exist to bless others and to glorify God by living out His love and grace in our generation. We will pray for Jay as he rebuilds his life. Because I have MS and my husband has some health limitations currently, we need to depend on others sometimes to give us a hand. But that allows us to listen to others, care for them, and help the in practical ways in exchange while they help us. We form community. Family. During COVID, our youth pastor brought us groceries a number of times so we could avoid exposure. In turn we could pray for him and his family, and perhaps bless them in others ways. Interdependence honors God. Praying for Jay, this kind fellow who is willing to work hard to help others as he begins to rebuild his life after this devastation. Here’s a link to a Go Fund Me set up to help him get back on his feet.

2 Replies to “A Willing Heart in a Time of Profound Loss”

  1. Praising God that He orchestrated your meeting with Jay. May the Lord richly bless you as He directs your steps.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Robin. I am also thankful for how God ordains the connections we make each day. Praying for Jay and many other who face such profound losses as a result of these fires.

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