In a noisy world, enjoy some quiet. Listen for His still small voice. Turn off the noise and devices, switch off the news and mow the lawn, take a bike ride, get to know an older friend. Go for a swim. Spend time in the Word. Let go of expectations of others, and seek His face. Find your identity in the One who can transform your heart, heal your wounds and change your life in beautiful ways.

2 Replies to “listen”

  1. Earlier this week, a friend notified me that they had called the family to a beloved’s bedside. He wasn’t expected to live more than a few hours. (He had a degenerative disease and been sliding downhill rapidly.) Decided to weed without noise and focus on prayer. Later listened to music. It was nice being unplugged.

  2. Sorry to hear this sad news. I’m glad you spent some time unplugged. I enjoyed mowing the lawn and visiting outside with a neighbor awhile. I swam today and met a really lovely new friend. She worked as a PA for 40 years before retiring fairly recently, and I loved hearing her perspective on various things like mental health and other things she assisted people with in her work. She said I could interview her for my book project.

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