Lean into the One who never stresses

I hear people express frustration about the uncertainty and limitations which a global pandemic impose on them. For people who aren’t accustomed to limitations, the pandemic adds considerable stress. I don’t mean to minimize the vast impact. I empathize. Even though I understand that many are struggling and the realities may be harsh, I think that living with MS or other long term condition for the rest of your life is even more enduring. This pandemic will eventually pass. Enduring hardship teaches us a lot. The gift hidden within limitations is that we can learn to rely upon God and not ourselves. Uncertainty is a human condition–God already knows the future. He exists outside of time and He is never stressed or anxious. His loving purposes will ultimately be accomplished despite this pandemic or whatever challenges we face. Lean into His love tonight. Trust His heart, which is for you. His love never fails. He knows. He’s got this. He will provide for you. He promises that ultimately He will work all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8). This life goes by quickly. Eternity in His Presence awaits those who know Jesus.

One Reply to “Lean into the One who never stresses”

  1. I agree. Our trials, such as chronic conditions, have a greater impact than the pandemic. As I live, I notice struggles friends face which are unrelated to the pandemic. I focus more on those than the pandemic. Great comment!

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