holidays in the midst of a pandemic

Today Jerry picked up groceries from a local store, and this was our first time to try an on-line order with free pick up. Many items were not in stock, so we got a note saying sorry and listing the many things they did not include in our order. However, they sent Jerry home with one bag of someone else’s order. Clearly someone was preparing for Thanksgiving–a big bag of yams, a large bunch of bananas, three avocados, three large oranges, and three Singer needle threaders. So we called and thanked the store for their generous gift of extra groceries (and so they’d know what happened when someone else calls them about missing items).

Maybe this is kind of like 2020. Lots of things have been missing. And yet, there have been some unexpected gifts, some of which we may not have desired initially.

One of the things we hadn’t anticipated this year was having my husband work at home. He came home with his laptop one Friday after work last winter, having been told he might need to work at home a few days. He’s never left. While this has required considerable adjustments for us, we’ve seen many blessings in this arrangement, too. Not having to commute saves money on gas, conserves energy for him, and means that we can cook dinner together more often. Ultimately, having more time together has strengthened our relationship.

I called my mom and told her we’ll bring yams for Thanksgiving. Of course in Oregon, we have been told we now have severe limits on our personal and religious freedoms this Thanksgiving. Our governor has issued edicts which come with the threat of police enforcement and large fines for those who dare to gather for a meal in their own homes, or attend church (beyond the new limits she has set). She wants to control individual homes and churches while giving a free pass to protestors and looters most of this year. I’m not saying we shouldn’t use good sense and take precautions to protect ourselves and loved ones from unnecessary risk. I’m just saying the authority to make these decisions may not have a legal basis.

We’ll see how all of this plays out.

But if you need a needle threader or some fruit to make your fruit salad, let me know.

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