Thanksgiving Day 2020

I’m sitting by our fireplace, enjoying the warmth. Outside, the sunrise brought light to the day, and some blue sky. While we won’t be gathering with family as planned, Jerry and I will enjoy a restful day. A friend of ours picked up a free Thanksgiving meal for us from a nearby small town cafe. We’ll see what’s in that package and probably add a few things. I also picked up cod for fish tacos and Jerry wanted some ham, so this weekend we’ll enjoy a variety of healthy foods.

While many people traditionally feast on Thanksgiving Day, and enjoy time with family and friends, this year the pandemic has impacted the usual routine. Just for fun, I started a 1000 piece puzzle a few days ago, and have enjoyed praying as I’ve put together this beautiful puzzle of Oregon. I feel like life this year has been a puzzle, too. The pieces haven’t always fit together easily, requiring patience and resilience to cope.

However, I enjoy a challenge. I patiently work on the puzzle for as long as it takes to bring this chaos into a clear picture. There’s something soothing about doing a puzzle once in awhile. My late friend Cordelia Pinner used to be a prayer warrior, and she was very gifted as a spiritual director and faithful friend. She taught me to pray as I do a puzzle, so I always think fondly of times shared with this dear saint as I try to put the pieces together. As we continue to adapt to changes and losses in this pandemic around the globe, and the changing political landscape in the United States, prayer remains most vital.

I am very thankful for the Bible study we are doing in the book of Daniel this year. Daniel and his friends were forced to adapt to many tough things after being taken from their homes into the service of the Babylonian king. They faced tremendous adversity, including the threat of death if they would not follow the king’s edicts or do as he wished. Yet they remained faithful to the Living and True God despite threats and fiery furnaces. I pray that we would also rest in His sovereignty in these troubled times in which we live.

This year, our Oregon governor has threatened jail time or a large fine for anyone violating her mandatory freeze during this pandemic. While precautions are necessary to try to avoid the spread of this insidious virus, many of us believe she takes a little too much delight in wielding power. She has delighted in protestors and riots destroying property while putting limitations on churches despite not having the constitutional authority to do so. Our freedom to worship comes from God. We can worship Him despite the threat of jail. We must look to God to guide us, not this power hungry woman who embraces Marxism.

Thankfully we can worship God every day, and giving thanks remains part of our daily worship of our faithful Lord and Savior. We had looked forward to a small gathering for a turkey dinner today with our family. However, due to circumstances related to the pandemic, our family plans had to be delayed. That’s okay. Jerry and I will enjoy time to rest, re-create, and give thanks for His faithfulness and grace. We’ll gather in a couple of weeks.

You are our resting place. We seek Your face, O LORD.

One Reply to “Thanksgiving Day 2020”

  1. Well said. I might get out a puzzle. Helped a friend start hers last weekend.

    We can trust the one who set the stars in place.

    Happy Restful Thanksgiving.

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