the true heroes

I am hearing verified reports of loggers, farmers, excavation companies, and others lending their skills and equipment in the defense of whole towns, communities and homes against Oregon’s fires. Some of these people are my cousins and friends. Thank you. You are the salt of the earth. You inspire all of us by your sacrifices and hard work, your willingness to lay down your life to help protect others. The fight isn’t over but the wind conditions have helped calm some of the fires, and more help is arriving from out of state firefighters, and the National Guard, and others. So, Oregonians who know what honor really is, and who love our beautiful state, thank you for persevering despite losses and scary things we’ve all been facing together. Some of you have lost homes or businesses or lands. A few have lost lives of loved ones. Many have lost sleep and felt very stressed. Take heart. We are going to get through this together.

For those of you who have been ‘fighting injustices’ by violence and who desire anarchy, those of you who are seeking to loot and harm people in their times of vulnerability: Go back to wherever you came from. Leave our beautiful state alone, or learn to love, protect and appreciate this incredible land God has allowed us to call Home. We don’t need lawlessness or violence, and we sure don’t need arsons. People are defending their homes and lives the best ways they know how.

A whole generation in Asia experienced the Cultural Revolution and bore scars and trauma the rest of their lives. If you want Marxist ideologies and godlessness, and to abandon the rule of law, get out of here. We don’t need more lives lost to this senseless approach. You won’t fight injustice with violence. You’re just perpetuating the problems. Take some notes from the farmers, loggers, firefighters and others who are selflessly defending this state, despite exhaustion. Learn from the helpers who are caring for evacuated animals. You’ll change the world in positive ways, helping people of every race to lead healthier lives and find true justice and mercy if you learn from these examples. Praying you encounter Jesus and experience transformed lives, and lay down your weapons and protest signs. Pick up your cross and follow Jesus…that’s a true revolution.